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Recently, I was asked to describe why I am, who I am. It took me a minute as I had to figure out a way to answer this question. How many of us actually know who we are? This is me, a result of punk rock, rollerblading, drumming and camera-slinging. Each one of these has influenced me in ways I hadn’t even noticed prior to this question.

Punk rock music, listening to the lyrics of some of my favorite bands making it out of their home towns sparked my interest in travel. Rollerblading, my sense of friendship, family and disinterest of fancy clothes; imagine trying to jump off a roof in an Armani suit. Not happening. Drumming, my timeliness, prompt, always on beat. My camera, my first given to me around 2000 has allowed me to see my entire world in a new light and encouraged me to help others see the beauty in it as well. All of these, in some way has led me to places in South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia and all over the U.S.

As I move forward, I look to have more questions, not more answers. This is not just a photo/ video website, this is a “me” website.

I am, Austin Paz.